About our flowers

Sustainably grown, seasonal, local flowers from Fife

Seasonal variety

We grow a wide range of annuals, perennials, bulbs & woody shrubs and our selection of flowers and foliage is varied and unusual.

We also offer old-fashioned varieties with a wonderful scent which are seldom available commercially. Our flowers are a true reflection of the seasons and are available from April to October.

Organic flowers & foliage - good for the bees!

We grow according to organic principles. We continually improve the soil and encourage a healthy micro-organism population. This greatly enhances local habitat provisions for wildlife.

Flowers are a great addition to our countryside. Not only do they look and smell wonderful to us humans, but they encourage pollinators such as bees and beneficial insects.

Grown sustainably, flowers contribute to the overall beauty and health of our environment.

Our flower arrangements

We arrange our flowers in an informal style, to reflect their natural beauty. Our bouquets feature the best of what’s in season - just-picked blooms, fragrant herbs and other unique foliage.

Flowers from the Farm

Flowers From The Farm Big Logo

Keeping the Plot is a member of Flowers from the Farm - an organisation that supports small scale producers and florists who grow and work with British flowers.